Permit Services
A building permit is required by the county, city, or state, to install a manufactured
home on private property, and in mobile home parks.
Building Permits
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This is a list of the documents and quantities of documents needed to acquire a
building permit to install a manufactured home on private property...
The building permit process can be challenging, frustrating and tedious. Call if you
should require assistance or have questions.
  • One completed application
  • Site Plan - Showing complete parcel, location of Proposed Work, property lines,
    north arrow, easements, well, existing and proposed septic system, all Setbacks,
    existing and proposed development/structures, Etc. (3 Sets)
  • Floor Plan - (3 Sets)
  • Elevation Plans - Front, Both Sides, and Rear (2 Sets)
  • Foundation Plan - Engineered Tie-Down or Foundation System (2 Sets)
  • Marriage Line Details - For Multiple Units (2 Sets)
  • Skirting Details (2 Sets)
  • Grant Deed